Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Diaper Tip

Have you ever put a clean diaper on your little one, only to have one of the tabs pull off the diaper? Don't despair and throw that diaper out just yet. Just put on an extra diaper right on top of the first diaper. You'll be able to use both diapers this way!
It works for me!

Friday, May 15, 2009

What's for Dinner...Take Two

Last Friday night I planned on making this yummy looking pizza dough in my bread machine. It was an attempt to use my time more productively and still enjoy our Friday night pizza.

What actually happened was - I forgot to attach the insert in the machine that actually moves the dough...so the machine made all the noises to indicate it was working, but in fact it was doing absolutely nothing! I realized this way too late but started it up anyways and just took the dough out before it was done. It turned out decently enough, but this week I aim to try it again with all the parts of the machine inserted! Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gift idea for a budding artist

If you're looking for a fun gift idea for a young toddler an Aquadoodle Paint & Color Mat makes toddlers (and Mom!) happy! It is a great mess free activity!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Memory Verses

I'm so proud of my little guy, Luke. He is 26.5 months and has 2 Bible verses down and is working on memorizing his third!

I forget where I read it, but I recently stumbled across someone talking about how most parents' expectations for their young children are set too low. I wholeheartedly agree. My little guy constantly amazes me with what he can learn so easily at this young age. I'm sure you probably feel the same about your children as well. So I'm trying to take advantage of this tender age and work on memory verses. Since I didn't memorize a lot of verses as a child, I'm learning them as I teach them!

Here's what we have so far:
Children, obey your parents in the Lord... Ephesians 6:1
In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. Genesis 1:1

And we're working on:
Let the little children come to me... Mark 10:14

It melts my heart to him them rattle them off!