Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trip to the Library

When all else fails for fun, try the local library!

Today Luke and I were home alone as the rest of the family was downtown at a museum! We didn't go to the museum because it would have just interfered too much with nap schedules! So not wanting to just sit home all day while everyone else was out I decided we needed a trip to the library. I love to take Luke to the library as it is free and there is lots for Mom and baby to enjoy!

Here is what we did at the library:

1) Enjoyed looking at the fish tank full of pretty fish

2) Worked on a simple puzzle

3) Read one simple signing book

4) Interacted with some other kids

5) Checked out two DVDs for free!

And then to top it all off we watched part of one of the videos when we got home. The DVD we checked out shows babies signing. Since we are trying to teach Luke some simple signs I decided I would let him watch part of it. He lost interest quickly but it was fun while it lasted!

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