Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ugly Sweater Party

At my annual family Christmas party I heard of a new trend in parties ....yes you did read the title of this post correctly....the Ugly Sweater Party!

The idea here is that you send everyone an invitation and direct them to wear their oldest and ugliest sweater to your party! This, of course, sounds like quite a bit of fun to me. Prizes could be awarded for ugliest sweater, prettiest ugly sweater, most seasonal ugly sweater, and on and on!

This would be such a unique and inexpensive theme for your next party, maybe even for New Years! I think that if you were feeling really creative you could use all of your ugly old sweaters for decorations! Just hang them through the house and there you go! Your decorating is finished! Even better, if anyone dared to come not wearing an ugly sweater - you will have one waiting for them!

I guess there just might be a reason to hang onto that not so great sweater you got for Christmas this year!

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