Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun and Frugal Craft

Here's a fun and frugal craft for kids or moms to work on this summer - make your own greeting cards!

The idea is simple, just find some pictures you like in old magazines. Cut them out nicely and then attach to card stock. Use can use glue to attach or it is even easier to use photo adhesive that you would use for scrapbooking. You can also make your own envelopes to go with the card or if you are like me, maybe you have a stash of unused wedding invitation envelopes, just waiting to be used! I first heard about this idea at The Homespun Heart - thanks to Monica! Check out her example for tips on making your own envelopes.

Visit Biblical Womanhood for more frugal ideas!


April said...

Good idea!

Mike Greer said...

Here's a frugal bunch of ideas from an old grandpa. My daughter was having trouble with her 4 country-kids being bored… hot outside, terrible weather, etc. So I pulled together a list of a whole bunch of free online games and learning stuff that the kids could challenge themselves with. She liked it so much, she asked me to post it at my blog… which I did. You can see this stuff at:

Good luck, Moms! And remember: It’s okay for them to be bored once in a while! It forces them to use their creativity and make up something to do. (The challenge is for the parents to endure the wait, while the pressure on their creativity builds!) ;-0

thehomespunheart said...

Yeah! I love homemade notecards! Thanks for the link - hope you enjoy using your pretty cards!