Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Backwards Edition

Today Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a backwards edition of Works For Me Wednesday. I thought it'd be fun to join in and ask my readers and Works for Me Wednesday visitors for some advice!

So here's my question for you all - What did you do to prepare for baby #2? Hint hint...there is a reason I'm asking this!

We are overjoyed to be sharing that we will have another little one join our family in March! I thankfully seem to be over the worst of the morning sickness and am starting to wonder what steps I should start taking to be prepared!


Awesome Mom said...

I made sure to have someone home with me for at least 6 weeks after my second son came along. That way I would be mostly recovered from my c-section and there would be someone around to help my older son feel special and not jealous of the baby.

Anonymous said...


Be prepared for change. It can be hard, it can be great, but it will happen, so start early. This way your first child won't feel like change is Only a result of the new Baby.

Start using the terms Big Kid & Helper and stress how important/ fun it is; all the things they can do that babies can't. Get them a babydoll to practice with. Our son was really interested in his sister but he had to LEARN to be gentle with her.

We made sure he was out of his crib a few months before we set it up in her new nursery so that he wouldn't think she "took" it. Consider getting your first child in a class like Gymboree or Little Gym so you still have a one on one outlet with them.

Our children were the first visitors to "hold" their siblings (with help!) and we had a 30 day no visitor policy After we came home from the hospital. They never thought the company brought the baby, so they never assumed the baby would Leave, lol. We had time to bond as a family; it's a big change for everyone.

Good Luck & God Bless You! ~Whitney

Lainie said...

When I saw your question the first thing to pop into my head is this...

I did this with 3rd child after completely blowing it with 2nd child.

When I went to Dr.'s office for 6 week check-up, I booked a year's worth of well child checks for little one. Oh, and always first thing in the morning.

With the first one you're so wrapped up in their development it doesn't escape your attention.

But, with child #2 you're so busy that people ask how old they are and what did they weigh at last check and I would realize I missed it!

I book in morning because then doctor isn't behind leaving us waiting and 1st child melting down for lack of nap. Also, same day work ins for being sick are usually in p.m. Less chance for your kiddos' to get cooties from other kids.

*carrie* said...


Congratulations! Will be interested to read the responses you receive.

The Farmer Files said...

Have some things on hand that are new to the eldest after baby is born. They are always entertained by new stuff!

Read the I'm a Big Brother or Sister books but insert the eldest child's name in the book.

SPEND PLENTY OF TIME WITH DADDY before baby comes, just you and him. This is as much for him as for you!!!!

Plan just one outing you must do as a family after baby comes (even if it's at 2 or 3 months old) and stick to it! Be prepared to follow through! Get in the mindset of YES I can make it out of the house with 2 kids.

Megret said...

I agree -- ask for help and don't be afraid to admit you can't do it alone the first few weeks. Better yet, have someone stay over just to make your oldest feel a part of things and not ignored.

Secondly, cherish the next few months! I focused intently on our firstborn while I was preg. with our 2nd, though as all moms say, it didn't feel like enough. When 2nd baby decided to come 3 weeks early, I was in denial and cried buckets of tears -- there were still so many things I didn't get to do w/ my oldest before my attention got diverted!

Megret :)

Aunt LoLo said...

Hahaha...I'm expecting my second in a few months, and I'm LOVING all the advice you've received!

I have to admit - making my "first and only child" feel "special" hasn't really entered into my plans. I HAVE, however, spent a lot of time making sure she won't beat up her brother when he arrives! Baby #1 has a baby doll that she INSISTS on sleeping with. She loves pointing out babies now, on the street. She's also OK with me holding other babies now (a HUGE blessing - during my first trimester, she would still SCREAM if I touched another kid under the age of 6. My baby is almost two, BTW.)

Also, I have the amazing BLESSING of having parents who will fly in as soon as the baby is born to "help" (read: play with my toddler so I can remember how to nurse IN PEACE) and a MIL who is willing to stay for A MONTH and cook, clean and entertain my toddler so I can sleep when baby sleeps, nurse in peace, change 10 diapers a day...and just be a first time mom, all over again.

I've noticed that most MIL's WANT to help, but they don't want to step on any toes (read: YOUR mom's). Make sure people know when OTHERS are coming, and just arrange schedules so it makes the most sense. At first, I was all set to have all four grandparents here at teh same time, to celebrate Christmas together. Then I realized I would have all the grandparents at the same time...and only one toddler to take care of. Doh! Talk about wasted resources! The way it's set up now, between Paternity leave and out-of-town visitors, the baby will be nearly two months old before I am alone in my home with my two children!

Best of luck!

Kristin said...

Congratulations, Jamie. How exciting.

We made sure we talked a lot about having Breanna with Caleb. We bought him a doll to teach him how to treat the baby. He was 17 months old and he was so excited when he finally was able to bring his sister home everything went great.

Laura said...

My best advice is to try not to tell your child that it's the baby that's making it so you can't play or help them-- "I can't play right now because I have to feed the baby" or "we can't go to the park because baby has to nap."

I noticed with my son that this led him to see his baby sister as the reason he didn't get mommy, and even if it's totally the truth, you don't want to foster negative feelings in your older one. Always try and say it a different way--" Daddy can take you to the park when he gets home" or "Mommy can play as soon as I finish my rest" whatever. Be creative, but don't blame it on the baby! Hope that helps!

Jamie said...

Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions! I appreciate them!

Michie said...

I only have one child, so I have no advice - I just wanted to say, Congratulations!

adrienne said...


I don't have any tips to offer as our second won't arrive for a few more months.