Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life after Vacation

Well life must go on after 2 weeks of vacation I suppose! We're getting back to the normal swing of things with Mark off to work and me dealing with teething and temper tantrums!

We had a wonderful time! Highlights consisted of our trip to Wisconsin, a family trip to the farm, a visit to Aunt Lisa's zoo, playing with cousins, wagon rides, croquet matches and a college graduation for Mark's brother, Chris!

Take note - rolling and crawling through lawn clippings is very fun for this toddler! Then later on it's fun for Mom to find all the interesting places grass got stuck to!

Here Luke and Daddy are watching some of Grandpa's cows!

And of course we've got to include Luke's first carousal ride!


susan said...

sweet child you have :)
God bless your family :)

Jamie said...

Thank you Susan!

*carrie* said...


Great pix. Sorry you're dealing with teething and tempers!

Greg said...
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