Saturday, May 31, 2008

Touch a Truck Day

Today our town hosted Touch a Truck Day! We had a blast looking at and climbing on all sorts of trucks and construction equipment! Highlites included the firetruck, police car, crane, and the post office truck! A free slushie helped this sore momma keep on truckin' herself. I'm seriously sore from a cough! Is that pathetic or what? I totally regretted not bringing the stroller once it was time to head back to the car! A 5 minute walk seemed to drag on for eternity.

So if your town doesn't host Touch a Truck Day or something similar perhaps you know the mail man, fireman, a farmer, or someone with a construction job. Do a little searching and you may find a willing volunteer to host Touch a Truck Day for your kids!

Here's Luke exploring some construction equipment.

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*carrie* said...


What a cool idea. Nathan would love this!

Hope you feel better soon!