Friday, May 30, 2008

Pet Store Visit

If you need a fun, yet free activity for your little ones, consider a trip to the pet store!
While running errands today we stopped by the pet store and had a great time looking at fish, mice, rabbits, and birds. We even got to see a dog being groomed. Luke (15 months) loved everything and would have stayed as long as possible! This was an especially great activity for today because today ended up being a wet, rainy and windy day in the Midwest.

Disclaimer: This activity will eventually turn into a not so frugal idea when your kids are old enough to ask to bring a pet home!

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Vanessa said...

My kids love to look at the fish when we go in to get cat food. I just have to leave dh at home since he always wants to look at the shelter puppies and kitties. ;)

Shari Ellen said...

Super idea. We haven't done this before. I remember looking at the tropical fish when I was younger. My Frugal Friday post for today is called Free Summer Entertainment for Kids.

BarbaraLee said...

Just drive by a farm and they get excited. I love to see the faces shine over things like that.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the comments! Trips to the farm are always fun aren't they barbaralee?! I wish we were closer to the farm!