Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Experiment of the Day

Today we tried a little experiment out. The experiment entailed a toddler, a small dish pail of water, a towel, and the kitchen. Somewhere awhile back, I read about someone doing this to keep their little one occupied while in the kitchen. As I recalled it made a bit of a mess but was easily wiped up with the towels resulting in a happy baby and a clean kitchen floor!

Well our experiment ended up being somewhat of a wash...

Here's what happened:

- Happy and occupied baby lasted 10 minutes and allowed mom to get some dishes done
- Big mess of water on the floor that was easily wiped up with 2 bath towels
- Water was literally poured out of the dishpan onto the floor multiple times
- Baby ended experiment crying after slipping on wet floor :-(

Will we try it again? Perhaps, though with even closer supervision by Mom and it'll probably be back to outdoors!


*carrie* said...


That's funny because as I was reading, I was thinking "We do that--but only outdoors!"

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...


Just passing through. Nice Blog.

I use to keep a bottom drawer in one of the kitchen cabinets filled with small toys. My boys loved going into the drawer and pulling out the toys to keep themselves busy while I cooked dinner or cleaned the kitchen. Nothing wrong with keeping tupperware in a lower cupboard for them to pull out either.