Thursday, August 28, 2008

Successful experiment of the day

Yesterday's experiment of the day was playing with dried beans! And oh boy did we have fun with this! I happened to have some dried pinto beans on hand (frugal experiment ditched for convenience of canned) so we headed out to the deck with some bowls, spoons, and measuring cups. My 18-month old had an absolute blast with this super easy activity. By playing with the beans outside we avoided having a major clean up session too! We will definitely be doing this activity again sometime soon!

If you want to try this inside check out extraordinary mommy's post and give her tablecloth idea a try! Let me know how it works for you!


Scribbit said...

If you put him in one of those blow-up swimming pools it might contain the mess well if you wanted to try it inside. Maybe :)

Raia said...

This has been a favorite activity of ours for quite awhile. I set each of my girls at the table with her own jelly roll pan (cookie sheet with low sides) to help contain some of the spills. With a few spoons, cups, and bowls they can entertain themselves for quite a long time. There are always some beans on the floor but they are easy to sweep up!