Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teacher Luncheon

I found this idea shared by Shannon Popkin in the July 2008 Focus on the Family Magazine and I absolutely adore it!

Over the summer your children plan, prepare, and serve a luncheon to last year's teachers, with your help of course! This can include school teachers, music teachers, Sunday school teachers - whoever they want! Kids get to practice hospitality and learning to serve others with a cheerful heart while getting a chance to see those beloved teachers again. Teachers get a chance to have a nice lunch and relax!


*carrie* said...

That's a really nice idea!

Shannon Popkin said...

Hi Jamie. I'm a little late seeing your post (found it doing a search for my article), but I'm glad this idea resonated with you! Have you tried your own 'Teacher Luncheon' yet? Let me know if you do... I'd love to hear about it. :)

Shannon Popkin