Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Favorite Kid's Bible

Do you have a copy of The Big Picture Story Bible?

If you don't, let me just tell you that, so far, it is my absolute favorite kid's Bible. This Bible doesn't contain fluff, yet it captivates a toddler with pictures and story. It's also great because it doesn't just tell bits and pieces of the Bible. It tries to capture the "big picture" of the Bible and I think it does a great job!

We read between 1-3 of the chapters after breakfast each day as part of our morning routine. Our current favorite is the story of creation! I love being able to see Luke, 23 months, start to learn the stories. He often asks to read it and doesn't want to stop! He also requests certain stories and is starting to memorize them as well. He often knows what is coming on the next page before I have turned to it. It's a great way to start the day! I definitely recommend this Bible and building a time of Bible reading into your morning routine with little ones!

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*carrie* said...


Monica gave us this Bible for Christmas:

Nathan loves it--we've been reading a story each night. I agree that it's really cool to see them awakening to the stories and truths of the Bible!