Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cheap and Adorable Thank You Cards

Post Card Thank You Notes

For Luke's first birthday I made post card thank you notes instead of the traditional thank you notes. It was super easy and turned out super cute as well. This is also an inexpensive option for thank you cards as it doesn't cost much to get pictures printed and post cards cost less to send than a regular card does.

Here are the directions for you:

1. Make a sign or something that says "Thank You" or whatever you want the card to say. Be sure you can clearly read the sign. A marker and plain card stock worked well for us. Another option would be writing on a chalkboard and placing the baby or child next to the chalkboard. The advantage of the sign is that it is easily portable.

2. If your baby can't hold the sign on their own you can hold it with one hand while taking the photo or use something to prop up the sign next to the baby. Try various positions until you find something that looks good.

3. Take lots of pictures until you get a good shot! If you don't succeed at first try another location later in the day. One tip to keep in mind is to make sure the words are not at the very bottom of the picture. For example the picture I used looked great on my computer but actually when it was printed at the store part of the letters were cut off. It still worked but just be careful! Next time I will make sure the words have some more space below them.

4. Print your pictures 4 X 6 size - I happened to have some free prints at CVS but even if you have to pay for prints the price will be comparable to store bought thank you notes!

5. Mark the back of the pictures just as you would a postcard. Place a postcard stamp in the upper right corner. Use a Sharpie or some kind of permanent marker to write on the photo. Address and send as you would a normal postcard!

Who wouldn't love to receive a picture of your adorable baby saying thanks?!


*carrie* said...

Such a fun idea--we've done this for b-day cards for the grandparents!

Mrs Nespy said...

Great idea!

Amy said...

That is adorable! My husband did something similar for me when I had to work full-time. On my last day of work, he had my son holding a banner that said, "Mom is #1!" It was so sweet!

I know everyone would appreciate a thank you note like that ;) Precious!