Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dish Towel Bibs

Having a growing toddler has made me think a good deal too much about bibs. During this constant state of bib awareness I came to realize that the bibs we own were NOT made for toddlers! They were made for infants who spit up or little ones just learning to take a bite of rice cereal.

So I decided to conquer my junior high home economic fears and use my new sewing machine. I successfully wound the bobbin (a miracle in itself) and managed to do some sewing with no damage done. I am quite proud of my little project though if you look closely you will notice that I could probably wear the bib as I made the neck opening far too large. The stitches themselves are also quite pitiful and would make any seamstress laugh hysterically.

But it does not matter - I successfully used a sewing machine and made something somewhat useful! As my sewing skills improve perhaps I will make some more awesome bibs!

If you are interested here is what I did:

Start with any dish towel, can be an old one you own or something new if you are making the bib for a gift.

I took a lazy woman's route and used a bowl to trace a circle onto the middle of the towel. I used an erasable fabric pen so any marks will wash out. I then used my scissors to cut a circle out of the fabric. I guessed on the size of the circle and made it way too large. I would suggest you actually measure your toddler for better results. :-)

Next I sewed two ends of elastic together and then stitched the elastic onto the bib. Here is the finished project.

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Marva said...

Hi Jamie! I came over from momadvice. I love this idea! I have 2 year old twin boys. Perfect for them.....it I sewed. Maybe I'll take it back up one day.

Lots of family fun ideas here!Blessings!