Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Borax to the Rescue

Recently I bought some new adorable cloth diapers but found that after a few washes they just weren't smelling fresh after being washed.

I concluded that the multiple layers of fabric built into the Kushies diapers just weren't coming clean with my regular routine. That's when I discovered Borax! By soaking the diapers in water and borax, I'm back to having fresh smelling diapers. An added bonus is that Borax is just about the cheapest thing you can buy in the laundry detergent section! One box only costs about $2.00. It works for us!


Martie said...

I have been meaning to try Borax for the longest time. What else do you use it for besides diapers?

Amy said...

Great tip! I love Borax and use it on my tub and sinks too. It works just as good as that Comet cleanser.

Jamie said...

Martie: Check out Amy's tip below! Also the box itself actually lists tons of other uses. The first thing that comes to mind is to clean toilets and other bathroom fixtures.