Friday, April 11, 2008

A Windy Chicago Day

This morning was just one of "those" mornings. I decided to begin vacuuming after my little guy went down for his morning nap. I managed to clean up the layers of cat hair from the floor and couch but also managed to get the vacuum extension stuck out. Just imagine a giant pole sticking out of the top of the vacuum and you will be imagining what I'm stuck with. I'm not sure how one even manages to do that, but I did somehow. In the process of vacuuming I woke Luke up.

Also while vacuuming, Chicago showed it's true self by blowing my recycling bin over repeatedly in my front yard. So as my yard filled up with newspapers, magazines and other miscellaneous objects I ran throughout the muddy yard (in my slippers and pajamas) trying to pick it up while yet again the wind would knock the bin over. I'm sure if the neighbors were looking they probably had quite a laugh watching me run around the yard.

Eventually the wind won and we brought the recycling inside to await a less windy week.

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