Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alphabet Games for the Car

Ever need a quick way to occupy the kids in the car?! Here a few variations on alphabet games to keep things lively!

- I'm Going to the Grocery...
The first player says "I'm going to the grocery store to buy..._______" the player finishes the sentence with an item that stares with A. The next player has to say..."I'm going to the grocery store to buy..._______," and finishes the sentence by saying the item that starts with A and then adding an item that starts with B. If a player can't remember the item then they are out. For younger kids feel free to give clues!

- I'm Going to Asia on an Ant to Act Up
Working through the alphabet, make up silly sentences that say where you are going, how you are getting there, and what you are doing there!

- Noah's ark
Work your way through the alphabet naming animals!

- A to Z out the car window
Kids name objects out the window from A to Z. First player to get to Z wins! Or you can play to beat your own time! This can also be played as you are going through exhibits at museums or zoos.

Ideas from Around Chicago with Kids.

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MommySecrets said...

I loved playing these games as a little girl - and as a competitive college student - and even now!! I never thought about the Noah's Ark game, so that will be a fun new one to try. :)

Jamie said...

Mommysecrets: I know, isn't it funny how we still like to play these things? It just makes the time go by faster! :-)