Monday, February 18, 2008

What's Holding You Back?

Has something been holding you back from entertaining others in your home? The picture below gives you a little glimpse as to what had been holding me back!

I realized that one silly but simple fix for me was my dining room chairs! My dining room table and chair set came from my mom. It is a great set BUT the fabric desperately needed recovering. It was dingy, stained, and just plain out of style! I am embarrassed to say that this project has taken me 2 years to complete! Let me rephrase that, it took me 2 years to start and about 1 week to accomplish! I realized that I often didn't want to have people come over for a meal due to my lack of nice chairs to sit on! Of course we have had people come over throughout the two years but I think in the back of my mind this was a problem for me. Silly isn't it? Well here is an example of the finished project! Much better! Yay!

Let me encourage you to work on whatever it is that might be holding you back from entertaining others in your home! It might not have to be an elaborate fix, maybe just a simple and inexpensive change like recovering your chairs! A small change can be very freeing! I suggest you break whatever the project is into baby steps so it doesn't take you 2 years to start on it! Being able to host others in your home is an easy way to have more fun! Visit Biblical Womanhood for more tips on making your home a haven!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, that really spoke to me, we live in a small house and I am always hesitant to invite people over because of lack of space.
Thanks for the reminder!

Jamie said...

Mrs. Happy House Wife: I have the same feelings about our home too! Sometimes it feels like other people would have a better place to host...but I guess we just have to remember to make the most of what we have!! Thanks for commenting!

Amy said...

My dirty house is always holding me back :) I think it is because I am such a perfectionist that I can't entertain the thought of entertaining unless everything is perfect and spotless. These moment happen rarely anymore so I need to work on this.

I love your chairs- they look great! I recovered our dining chairs last year in a faux leather and it is so nice because I can wipe them off with a washcloth. With two sets of grimy hands on them all of the time, this was key for our kitchen :)

Jamie said...

Amy: You make me laugh! I feel the same way though..thanks for the compliment on the chairs! I found out it's not really that hard to reupholster chairs, especially if you have someone to help you!

Kookaburra said...

Wow... your recovered chairs look great!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much Kookaburra! It really wasn't that hard once I managed to get started!!

S.B. said...

I love the fabric you picked. Makes the chairs look different. It's funny how changing something simple can give things a whole new look!


*carrie* said...


Great job--the chairs look beautiful!