Friday, February 22, 2008

Inexpensive Steps for Movie Night

Let's continue our seres on inexpensive entertainment by discussing how to have a cheap movie night!
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So how do you accomplish seeing a movie with your family without spending a small fortune? Let's go through a variety of steps of varying expense! If you've accomplished the first adjustment just keep working your way down the list until you are at the bottom!

1) Go see your movie at the theater but bring your own snacks and drink along

2) Switch to the matinée instead of the evening showing - they are usually cheaper

3) Find a discount theater that plays slightly older films - there can be a huge savings here!

4) Instead of going out rent a move from the local video store and make some microwave popcorn at home

5) Switch that microwave popcorn to old fashioned kernels!

6) Check out the library or free redbox rentals to cut your cost down completely!

Currently I am working on the last step. Yes, we still occasionally like to see a movie in the theater, but not very often! Tell me how you are doing! For more frugal tips visit Biblical Womanhood.

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