Friday, January 11, 2008

A Series on Cheap Entertainment!

Cheap entertainment is certainly a must for us this year, so I am introducing a series to cover just how to accomplish that and to share a few fun ideas! My husband and I have discussed our budget for the year and are planning to stick to it! We want to stick to the budget for a number of reasons, but the number one reason is so that we can afford for me to be able to stay at home with Luke as we think that is very important. So please check back in on upcoming Fridays for the continuation of this series if you are interested.

Today I would like to begin with planning for entertainment. Generally spur of the moment trips out for entertainment seem to cost us more money. If we stop and think about the upcoming month and how much money we have to spend we will be more likely to stick to the budget. So here are a few simple steps to begin with.

- How much money is in your budget for entertainment. Can you really afford dinner out this week? How about that movie? Set an entertainment budget and do your best to stick to it!

- Is there something free or inexpensive that you and your family might enjoy doing? Take a moment to think of some ideas and jot them down so you will have ideas when you are bored and are tempted to spend money on entertainment! Feel free to share them with me if you come up with some ideas.

An added bonus of planning for entertainment is that you begin to get excited about the upcoming event! Check back next Friday for a few ideas on how to arrange free babysitting for the kids so Mom and Dad can go out for a little break by themselves! Look for more tips on saving money here.

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