Monday, January 28, 2008

Cheap Birthday Invitations

Don't you love these adorable 1st birthday invitations? If you are looking for party invitations I suggest you browse around your local thrift store before heading to Target or wherever! I found these invitations in a baggie with a bunch of other cards and a calendar at the thrift store down the street. So for under a dollar, I got my invitations, a calendar for my purse, and many other cards I can use throughout the year! Yay for thrift stores! I just love a good deal!


*carrie* said...


I always check the stationery section of our thrift store. A couple of weeks ago I bought a huge bundle of piecemeal greeting cards/notecards for just 50 cents! One person's trash is definitely another's treasure!

I was going to ask if you're from CO, too, as it looked like it from the photo. But seeing the Chicago area guidebook, you must have been on vacation? Or did Illinois suddenly get some mountains? =)

Jamie said...

Illinois didn't suddenly get mountains as you guessed...we were vacationing! :-)