Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Review of Deceptively Delicious

I recently discovered a new cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. I just tried out a recipe for lunch today - Sweet Potato Pancakes! They were actually deceptively delicious, as the title claims. I had my doubts, but they did taste great.

When I first heard about this cookbook, I thought wow that sounds great, maybe I can get Luke to eat more vegetables. An added bonus, that I didn't think about, was that I can get my husband to eat more vegetables too! Nobody at my house, except for myself that is, really likes sweet potatoes. In fact Luke spits them out usually, and I'm guessing my husband would too! Anyway though, everyone ate lots of these pancakes without any complaints.

The idea behind this cookbook is to hide vegetables and fruits in foods that kids generally like! The author, Jessica Seinfeld (yes, she is married to Jerry Seinfeld) is not advocating giving up on getting your kids to eat plain veggies. She just likes to put in some extra to guarantee that they are getting enough vitamins and nutrients, in case they don't eat the broccoli you serve with dinner. I recommend this as a great cookbook to try. If you would like a preview of a few of the recipes, Oprah has some on her website. I checked my copy out at the library, though I think this may be a cookbook I would like to purchase in the future!

Actually for the potato pancakes I didn't really follow the "set" recipe. What I did was used my normal pancake recipe from The Joy of Cooking and then I added in 1/2 cup sweet potato puree plus 1/4 cup infant rice cereal for some extra iron. For more kitchen tips check out this good cooking site!


Theresa said...

Oh boy, I wished I had the idea of writing a book on this. Anyone who eats my food may or may not know that I have been grinding vegetables into my food for decades. There are always cooked carrots in my spaghetti sauce, black beans in my chili (in the old days I use to blend it hide them, now I don't care if they see them) a little food processor can clean out the refrig of all the little leftovers and into the nearest casserole or soup.

Jamie said...

Brilliant! :-)