Monday, January 14, 2008

God's Grand Vision for the Home

My Mother-in-law just gave me a great book, God's Grand Vision for the Home, that was written by one of the pastors at my church, Dr. Rob Rienow. Thanks Mom! This book didn't take long to read, but was very worthwhile reading. It is a practical look at how to put the focus on God in your home. The book discusses why God has given us the gift of children, gives you simple steps to take, and provides plenty of creative ideas for implementing.

One of the central ideas in this book is the concept of God-filled moments at home. Rob gives four scripture supported (Deuteronomy 6:7) moments to strive for.

- When you sit at home (Family Worship)

- When you walk along the road (In-between times like driving)

- When you lie down (Blessings and prayers before bed)

- When you get up (Blessings, prayer, reading the Bible at the beginning of the day)

Wow, I was challenged to begin striving for more of these moments in our home! I encourage you not to be overwhelmed by this but to start small and make one commitment in this direction! Personally I am going to work on my resolution of reading the Bible to Luke each morning! When that turns into habit I will pick one more small step to begin!

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