Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bible Games

About a week ago I mentioned that I would share some more Bible themed games with you! I have not forgotten, I just got sidetracked with other things! Here is one more game that originally came from Family Time Training. This game was shared in the highly recommended book, God's Grand Vision for the Home.

- Quicksand

Dad stands at the top of the stairs while kids stand at the bottom of the stairs. Dad will ask kids if they know what quicksand is. Once the concept of quicksand is explained the fun begins! Dad then tells kids that they are standing on quicksand and only have 5 minutes to figure out how to get out! The only safe place is the top of the stairs where Dad is standing. It is their goal to get to the top of the stairs but they have to follow the rules! The rules are that they can not touch the stairs and they can not touch the railing on the stairs.

The idea here is that a child will figure out to ask his Dad to come get him at the bottom of the stairs! Then Dad can explain to the children that there was only one way out of that quicksand, to ask Dad to come down the stairs to take them to safety. Next Dad can take the time to relate this to how there is only one way for any of us to be saved and go to heaven, to trust in Jesus and ask him to rescue us!

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