Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Using those gift cards!

As we start off the new year I encourage you to take a look at your stash of gift cards! Is it just me or does anybody else hoard these gifts and then forget to use them?! This year my husband and I made a plan to use the gift cards we accumulated over Christmas and through cash-back programs.

Here's what worked for us:
Writing out each month and allotting one fun gift card per month. This should keep us entertained through the end of the summer! We will keep this list with the envelope that we store all of these gift cards in so we can refer to it for our next fun outing!


Playful Professional said...

Just make sure you keep that envelope handy... many a time I've gone to a store and forgotten a gift card I had at home and had to pay something I shouldn't have. I'm starting a notebook with things that need to be with me always (coupons, gift cards, etc.) so I can actually use those gift cards!

Jamie said...

So true! We have such a stash of gift cards built up we could never keep them all in our wallets anyway! It is a nice problem to have isn't it?!

SAHMmy Says said...

I keep my gift cards in my wallet and use them throughout the year...haven't had to "pay" for Starbucks at all in 2007!

EdibleEducation said...

Great idea...can you believe we already used up 2 gift cards...we went to Starbucks as a family for a midmorning snack/"mtg" and then since our mtg lasted so long and it was past lunch we headed out to Bandana's for lunch.

Told my dh, too bad we didn't have a 3rd gift card and we could've done supper out also.

The cards still have balances on them, so we didn't TOTALLY use them all up in one day.

But I'd rather get them used up, then forget about them.

I like your idea of allocating one per month.

Andi said...

We keep our gift cards in our glove compartment so we always have them with us.

Mich said...

oh so very smart! I'm a gift card hoarder, that's for sure.

Rebecca said...

That's a good one. If only I'd gotten a few gift cards. :)