Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update on Sneaky Food

Doesn't that bowl of mashed potatoes look delicious? Ok, I admit it - I could probably eat a whole bowl of mashed potatoes by myself! So maybe they just look that good to me?! Lately I have been into sneaking vegetables into our food, so there is a secret ingredient in these potatoes! The inspiration for the sneaking food bit comes from Deceptively Delicious!

My most recent experiments have been adding cauliflower into the mashed potatoes and also in chicken salad! Yes, my husband does think I am crazy but he realized that before we got married so too bad for him! No, honestly I asked him and he thought both recipes tasted fine! They did NOT taste like cauliflower! I am going to copy some of the recipes from this cookbook down but I think the major thing I will take away from it is to feel free to experiment with veggies in new ways! If you want to try it yourself I suggest you either get the cookbook and study the recipes or be adventurous and just add a bit of pureed cauliflower to your regular recipes for mashed potatoes and chicken salad!

Pureeing and mixing veggies into your normal food is a great way to use up leftover vegetables or just add a little extra nutrition in for picky eaters! Check out this site for more kitchen tips!


Amy said...

WAy to go! I'll have to try this some time. I need to read the book, too--I've read lots of favorable reviews.

Jamie said...

Thanks Amy! I definitely recommend the book - it is very inspirational in regards to eating your vegetables!

amy said...

Hi Jamie,

You asked how I clean my Pampered Chef stone on my blog. I just use the little nylon scraper it comes with and water. My pizza stone is well-used (as you can tell by the picture), so things usually come right off. I don't think they recommend to use soap on it. Hope this helps!

Martha A. said...

That sounds like something I am going to try! My husband is Russian so potatoes are something he cannot live without, great way to make them healthier!

about the PC stoneware, my sister sold it and you are for sure not supposed to use soap on them!

Jamie said...

Thanks for commenting Martha! I definitely better stop using the soap on the pizza stone! It doesn't seem to have done it any damage that I can tell...but maybe it would work better if I followed the instructions!