Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Uses for Bridesmaid Dresses

Recently there was an article in the Chicago Tribune that I loved! I have to share a quick summary with you because it is so clever!

Here are 27 things to do with the fabric from your old bridesmaid dresses, and yes, this article was inspired by the new movie 27 Dresses.

  1. Table runner
  2. Throw pillow/pillow cases
  3. Place mats
  4. Curtains
  5. Patchwork quilt (use several dresses!)
  6. Eye pillow
  7. Shower curtain
  8. Shadow box liner/backdrop
  9. Memo/photo board
  10. Coasters
  11. Handkerchiefs
  12. Chair slipcovers
  13. Beaded picture frame
  14. Fabric-bound portfolio/photo album/journal (look for patterns here)
  15. Curtain tiebacks
  16. Decorative throw
  17. Ottoman slipcover
  18. Duvet cover
  19. Wall art
  20. Room divider
  21. Bed canopy
  22. Fabric wallpaper boarder
  23. Kitchen apron
  24. Bar stool covers
  25. Lamp shade accents
  26. Upholstered headboard
  27. Tablecloth
I happen to have at least one bridesmaid dress hanging in my closet right now....hmmm...certainly has me thinking!


*carrie* said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog--nice to meet you!

This post made me laugh. I saw that movie with some girlfriends. I've been a bridesmaid 5 times and I never had to wear anything wacky or too unflattering. =) Hmm, I may have to see what I can make with the fabric!

Jamie said...

I enjoyed the movie too! :-)

Willa said...

This article makes me smile. I have quite a few bridesmaid dresses hanging in the closest, I may have to try some of these! ;)

I'd like to see the movie, but probably will wait until it comes out on video.

Welcome to the blogging's nice to meet you!