Monday, February 4, 2008

Trip to Springfield

This past weekend my family went down to Springfield to visit some college friends! We had a great time and just enjoyed having a weekend off!

Some of the highlights were eating pony shoes and visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum! If you have never heard of a pony shoe let me explain! Unique to Springfield dining are horse shoes or a half size pony shoe! Basically you get an open faced sandwich over toast, smothered in deliciously gooey fries with cheese sauce! If you are dieting this is not the sandwich for you! For a unique treat it was great though. It is probably good I don't live closer to Springfield as I would be mightily tempted by these sandwiches.

The museum was fascinating and we could have spent much more time there. Unfortunately we only had about an hour but it was still worth it! I really enjoyed seeing the size of the log cabin where Abe grew up. Let me tell you we have no reason to complain about space! While growing up Abe lived with his large family in a log cabin that is probably about the size of my bedroom! Also the replica dresses displayed for the time period were beautiful and very interesting to look at. We also got a chance to see one of the short films at the museum. We watched Ghosts of the Library, which was very cool.
If you have a chance to visit Springfield don't miss this museum!


erin said...

Jamie, would you believe that this Texas girl has actually been to the Abraham Lincoln museum. My dad used to live in Springfield. I agree that it's a neat place. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

How funny! :-) I hope you got to eat a pony shoe while you were there too!