Monday, February 11, 2008

Birthday Party Recap

We had a wonderful day yesterday! We started the morning bright and early by arriving to church for our family dedication.

Family dedication at our church does not mean baptism. It means that we, as parents, accept the responsibility to raise our child to know God and to follow Jesus. In turn the church will help us with this responsibility, but it is OUR responsibility! It was nice to have lots of family at church with us for this special day.

Next we came home and started cooking for the birthday boy's lunch! Luckily I had two sous chefs to assist me! The menu consisted of chicken enchiladas, grilled chicken quesadillas with corn and black beans, chips, cake and ice cream! I know mexican was a bit of an unusual of a choice for a one year old's birthday party but Luke loves the quesadillas!

As you can see from the picture Luke ate his cake very neatly and then promptly threw the rest onto the floor! We think he was full from all the quesadillas! He did enjoy one or two bites though!


*carrie* said...

Happy birthday, Luke! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration.

Jamie said...

Thanks Carrie! :-)

spinninglovelydays said...

belated happy birthday to your little one :)

Jamie said...

Thanks to Spinning Lovely Days! :-)