Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Poato Printing Press

Do you ever have one or two potatoes left in the bag that have a few too many sprouts to use them or are a little soft? Here's an idea for you to use them up and please your kids! Yes my friends - a potato can be mixed with paint instead of butter and sour cream! Hmm...I think my fondness for potatoes covered in gooey, bad for you toppings, just snuck into this post.

For kids age 3 and up try cutting shapes into potatoes and giving them paint to experiment with! Keep your design simple and give your child a large sheet of paper to experiment with! Have fun and don't feel bad about wasting a potato!

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Katie Gregg said...

Potato "stamps" are so much fun. And using an old potato for art is better than letting it go to waste!

Jessie's Attic said...

That is very cool, I have seen that in a craft magazine before but never tried it. I will have to give it a shot! Thank you for sharing.

Jamie said...

Kate and Jessie:
Thanks for commenting! I remember doing this when I was young and recall it being fun!

MommySecrets said...

I loved making potato stamps as a child, but I never thought to use my about-to-expire potatoes for the craft. THANKS for connecting the dots for me!

Jamie said...

Mommysecrets: You are quite welcome!