Saturday, February 16, 2008

Make your own Chia Pet

I found this idea to make your own chia pet from Play with a Purpose, by Dorothy Einon. I was so tempted to try it but will need to acquire some grass seed or something for sprouting first! It brought back fond memories of having my own little chia pet when I was young. Am I the only one who had one?! If I get around to it I will show you a picture for sure!

Instructions - Find a large, smooth potato and scoop some of the pulp out from one end. Cut a slice from the other end so it will stand upright on it's own. If you are doing this with a small child you may need to do this part yourself.

Next you will moisten a cotton ball and place it in the scooped out section of the potato. Sprinkle with grass or beans for sprouting.

Make sure you place your potato in a saucer with water! The cotton ball needs to stay moist. After a few days your potato should sprout some cool green hair! Your child or you can then place buttons, etc. onto the potato using pins to make a face!

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