Friday, February 29, 2008

Cheap Ideas for Getting out with the Kids

Well I don't know about you but lately this winter weather has me feeling a little bit cooped in! I think it's easy to start feeling a bit home bound about this time of year in the Midwest! I was just discussing this with a friend yesterday so to continue our series on inexpensive entertainment I want to discuss taking the kids out without spending a bunch! Here are 10 suggestions for you!

1. Visit a play land at your local McDonald, etc. Tell the kids no food will be bought...Mom gets to buy a drink for herself and kids get to play! Bring drinks for your kids!

2. Go outside and go sledding, cross country skiing...

3. Go to the park and play Frisbee golf in the snow

4. Go to the library

5. Make cookies and then deliver them to your family and friends

6. Go the mall to people watch or do a scavenger hunt - don't bring any money with you, pack snacks!

7. Make a treasure hunt in the yard

8. Go for a walk on the next mild day

9. Set up the next play date at someone else's house for a chance to get out!

10. Run your errands! When you are finished you will be glad to be home again!

Do you have any inexpensive ideas for getting out with your kids for the rest of this winter? Please share with me!

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S.B. said...

I like to using walking to get my errands done when the weather is nice. We walk to the post office or CVS - the baby loves it!


Jamie said...

S.B. - Thanks for sharing! I think that is great! I like to walk to the library, thrift store, etc. when it is decent outside! :-) That's one of the bonuses of living in town!