Friday, February 1, 2008

Inexpensive Entertainment Continued - Hobbies

If you missed the first 3 installments of this series be sure to check out my ideas for planning, arranging free babysitting, and getting yourself some free gift cards!

Today we will discuss something you can do to save yourself a lot of money! That is picking up inexpensive or free hobbies instead of hobbies that will slowly but surely, deplete your bank account! Or if you are feeling really adventurous maybe even a hobby that could make you money! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Music - Did you learn to play an instrument as a kid but haven't played much lately? Do you still have your instrument or is there a piano in your house? Get back to playing it for some free or practically free enjoyment! Have you considered giving lessons or teaching your kids what you know? Instead of buying the latest CD, consider buying a book of music. You can get a lot of use out of that one book! If you don't have an instrument or the money to buy one or the music, try freecycle or asking family and friends! You don't have to beg them for their instrument or music, just let them know you are on the lookout for those items. Maybe they will hear of someone wanting to get rid of their piano, etc. I've also seen free pianos listed on craigslist, so that may be worth checking out. Perhaps you could look at the barter section for lessons, I've seen people interested in bartering guitar lessons. As an example my lovely piano was absolutely free, it just needed a good tuning!

Blogging - If you like to write or just want to read other people's great ideas consider blogging! This is one of those hobbies that can be free assuming you are going to pay for your internet and computer anyway. In fact, though I am new to the blogging world, I have already made a small amount of money from it. So it can be done!

Cooking - Instead of spending your time baking fancy gourmet meals with expensive ingredients learn to make simple healthy meals at home! You can spend a lot of time learning about baking and cooking without a lot of money involved!

Reading - Try the library instead of the local bookstore! At most libraries you can request almost any book and they will get it for you.

Shopping - Instead of hitting the mall become a deal or thrift store shopper! This is one of my favorite things to do! I am addicted to shopping at CVS and Walgreens for free or almost free products! I am also addicted to "stopping by" the thrift store to look for neat stuff!

Crafts - If you enjoy making crafts try your hand at something you can give as a gift or even sell! Have you heard of Esty? If you have some talent and creativity, you can make money through it!

So there you have it - several good ideas for free or practically free hobbies! If you have any inexpensive hobbies or hobbies that make you money please feel free to share them! Take a look at this site for more frugal ideas!


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

This is a great post full of ideas for some cheap or free entertainment. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

kawaii crafter said...

Thanks for sharing all your thrifty hobbies. I'm always looking for new ways to save money. :)